How to Secure Document Storage and best way to store important documents 2021

Secure Document Storage
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Protect, manage, and access physical documents and electronic records during a secure document storage facility.

Document Storage

If you’re storing documents onsite in filing cabinets, your company’s tip could also be in danger from natural disasters or being accessed by the incorrect people. And, store hard copies of documents and digital files on-site is time-intensive and requires office space that you simply might not have.

Secure document storage in one among IT Zone DMS offsite records storage facilities keeps your business records, digital files, and data safe with access to your files whenever you would like them.

For quite 30 years, our document storage solutions have helped protect critical documents generated by Fortune 500 companies and little businesses across the country.

Integrated Digital Document Storage Solution

IT Zone document storage solution integrates scanning services and web storage. After your hard copies are scanned and indexed, your digital formats are uploaded to your existing document management software or our web-based filing system for secure file sharing and collaboration. With a digital storage system, you’ll access file folders wherever and whenever you would like them.

For our record storage clients, you’ll quickly request on-demand scanning and shredding services through our records management software for an entire document management solution.

Secure Document Storage Near Me

With over 10+ offsite facilities across Karachi, IT Zone DMS is one of the foremost trusted document storage companies equipped to handle all of your access, storage, and archiving needs. Our storage and retrieval services include on-demand pick and drop services.

Records Management Software

Access to your paper records and electronic document inventory is important to running efficient business operations. Our online records management software, DMS-Web, includes metadata, tracking features, and repair order requests for quick record retrievals.

With DMS-Web, you’re provided end-to-end insight on physical and digital retrievals with an in-depth audit trail. you’ll easily order document scanning and digitization services to retrieve your documents electronically. And, for records that have reached the top of their lifecycle, you’ll request shredding services.

Best Digital File Storage Facilities

IT Zone Pakistan DMS protects your inactive files that aren’t needed on a day-to-day basis, yet got to be retained for a secure archiving solution.

Our digital document storage facilities are existing with no manufactured metal walls and mounted on raised three-foot foundations to stop flood damage. Each document storage facility adheres to strict requirements for:

24/7 Security monitoring
Advanced fire protection
Climate-controlled storage

Digital Records and Media Storage

With DMS, critical information is stored during a specially-designed vault built for preserving and safeguarding electronic records. With our data storage and management solutions and useful deliveries, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that your information is safe and secure. And, you’ll have access to your critical data when and wherever you would like it.