15 Explanation On Why H1 Tag Is Important For SEO

H1 Tag
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Why important an H1 tag is for search engine optimization For Your Website.

Here’s what headers on pages mean and the way they’re viewed by search engines.

But it isn’t just ensuring we use H1s on webpages or maybe how we use them.

It’s actually understanding what an H1 is (in the fashionable definition) and the way it fits into a page’s organization.

More highly, it is expressive how an H1 tag – and other header tags (H2, H3, H4, etc.) – fit into the general user experience of that page and therefore the website as an entire.

Technically, that main header tag doesn’t even need to be an H1.

But, whether it’s an H1 tag or another header tag, that main header is incredibly significant.

  • The title tag is shown within the SERPS (search engine result pages). it’s used because of the main heading of the snippet within the search results.
  • The title tag isn’t shown visually on a page but it’s a part of the page header <header></header> and it’s also shown within the browser title.
  • The tag is shown to users while browsing a page.
  • The title tag may be a strong signal to look engine crawlers on what the page content is all about.

How to deliver for a different h1 and page title?

I mentioned above that the majority of themes and web development platforms are configured to use an equivalent value for the page title and h1 tag and this is often usually what you specify because of the title of a page or post.

If you would like to vary it and have different values then you’ll either edit your HTML code or if you’re on WordPress to use a plugin like RANK Math SEO.

As you’ll see within the screenshot below, once you install RANK Math SEO, there’s an additional area below each page/post where you’ll set the page title.